April 23 – May 1, 2014
Gallery Paule Anglim
San Francisco, CA.
Ebtekar presents a concise arrangement of two new works in dialogue, a large painting and Fantastic Voyage, a mixed media light-box. The two very different representations of the cosmos are installed mirroring one another, in harmonious opposition, each, in its own visual language, a metaphor for openness. The large painting on canvas depicts a vast, dark blue firmament, a starlit universe seen through a veil of stylized clouds. On the opposing wall is placed a bright light-box incorporating a found science fiction movie poster over which the artist has drawn and printed an overlay of decorative patterning. In either work, space is presented as exploration– perhaps of the future or the meaning of the past.
In other recent works Ebtekar has delved into, through the inspiration of the revered Persian poet Hafez, the metaphor of the portal, as an opening to another world. Crossing the threshold into the gallery space, passing through its portal, the viewer is offered two images of expansiveness, each a different entry to a cosmos beyond worldly experience. Ebtekar references the Sufi belief in the existence of dual natures, the earthly and the divine, with the arch or portal serving as the transition between the two.